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Laundry Delivery Driver

Come join our team as a laundry delivery driver.  This position is responsible for the pick-up and delivery of linens for our customers. Candidate should be able to work a flexible day schedule starting as early as 5:00 AM to 3:00 PM, possess a valid driver’s license and have a good driving record. Must have or be able to obtain a driver’s physical exam established by the DOT. Must be able to pass MN Department of Human Services background study, drug screening and criminal background check. Competitive pay, access to group, dental, life, disability insurance, and retirement available.


Applications available online or submit application and resume to:

Human Resources

Winona ORC Industries,

1053 East Mark Street, Winona, MN 55987, or email [email protected]

EEO/AA Employer.


Shuttle Bus Driver

Join the Winona ORC team as a shuttle bus driver! Part time drivers with afternoon availability needed! This is a job where you can make a difference. We are looking for a person with good communication and customer services skills along with a willingness to work with people with disabilities. Job includes driving our shuttle bus from individual or central loading areas to WORC, job sites or other destinations for an assigned schedule. Minimum of a HS diploma or equivalent, valid driver’s license and a good driving record, ability to have or obtain a driver’s physical exam established by DOT, ability to have or obtain CPR & first aid certification, ability to pass background and criminal check, drug testing.

Applications available online or submit application and resume to:

Human Resources

Winona ORC Industries,

1053 East Mark Street, Winona, MN 55987, or email [email protected]


EEO/AA Employer.

Job Coach

If you are looking for a position where you can make a difference, look no further!  At Winona ORC we envision a world where all people are uplifted by working.  Together, we build a better community.

As a job Coach, you will be responsible for providing job training, implementation of program plans, and direct supervision for people with disabilities at community-based employment sites or in our DT&H (Day Training and Habilitation) program.  Good customer service skills and a willingness to work with people with disabilities necessary.  Must possess a valid driver’s license, be able to pass MN Department of Human Services background study, drug screening, and criminal background check.

Competitive pay based on experience and education, flexible schedule, and mileage reimbursement.  Access to group health, dental, life and disability insurance, and retirement options depending upon number of hours worked.

Applications available online or submit application and resume to:

Human Resources

Winona ORC Industries,

1053 East Mark Street, Winona, MN 55987, or email [email protected]

EEO/AA Employer.

Environmental Services Associate

Winona ORC is accepting applications for a full time Environmental Services Associate for our facility. This position will provide general cleaning and sanitizing tasks and services for our facility to provide a safe workplace that is compliant with State and Federal cleaning and disinfecting guidelines for public spaces and workplaces. This position will require a flexible schedule for first shift hours as needed to meet the needs of the business.

  • Minimum high school diploma
  • Computer literate: proficient in MS Office
  • Proficient writing, speaking, and communication skills in English
  • Valid driver’s license and current vehicle insurance
  • Able to interpret a variety of instructions in written, oral, diagram or schedule form
  • Hepatitis B vaccination
  • Able to pass drug screening and criminal background check
  • Able to pass MN Department of Human Services background check

Please fill out application online or submit cover and resume to HR at 1053 East Mark Street, Winona, MN 55987.

For questions, please call 507-452-1855 Ext. 108.

Team Member Tuesday – Stephanie

Name: Stephanie

Department: Admin

Job Title: Fund Development Coordinator

Began working with Winona ORC: July 2017

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you since you started working at Winona ORC? Writing grants for funds that support our individuals with disabilities and knowing each day that my work brings happiness to those around me. 

Tell me about some of the people you’ve met at Winona ORC: I have met so many wonderful people! The employees (those we serve) make me smile every day when I walk into our building. Overseeing the Worker’s Council as they make decisions for their peers is a highlight each month. The smiles here are contagious, as is the laughter.

What is your favorite thing about working at Winona ORC? Those we serve are always 100% themselves, always authentic, and always willing to help.

What do you wish other people knew about Winona ORC? My wish is that everyone would understand how many programs we have to support our employees at Winona ORC. Between Day Training & Habilitation to Community-Based Services to Direct Hire positions – it all happens here!

What do you think will change about Winona ORC over the next five years? I believe that more of our employees will be working in the great community of Winona.

What do you do when you aren’t at Winona ORC? I love to spend time with my family now that my children are grown – I don’t see them enough! I also enjoy our pets: one dog and two cats. I am active within our church, enjoy cross-stitch and crocheting, and am always binge-watching House.

What is your first memory of Winona ORC? I remember working with an individual one-on-one where we would perform janitorial tasks at Winona ORC, and the Winona Restore, and spend quiet time coloring. She was full of energy and kept me moving!

Why do you support Winona ORC? Winona ORC is dear to my heart for our purpose and mission are people-driven. We have a great presence in the community and to be a part of that is really special.

Team Member Tuesday – Tom

Name: Tom

Department: Operations

Job Title: Production Floor Manager

Began working with Winona ORC: October 2009

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you since you started working at Winona ORC? I was once the star of our company safety video thanks to my co-worker having the day off.

Tell me about some of the people you’ve met at Winona ORC: I have worked with a variety of employees in many different settings. From an employee at Benchmark who will still look for me at WORC, to working with a deaf employee that even though I may not know sign language, we are able to communicate our needs to each other, and to another employee who calls me “Hooch the Pooch” because I have the same first name as Tom Hanks (Turner and Hooch movie).

What is your favorite thing about working at Winona ORC? The employees we serve and the appreciation for the opportunity to work at a job they enjoy.

What do you wish other people knew about Winona ORC? The variety of skills and abilities our employees posses.

What do you think will change about Winona ORC over the next five years? More employees will be working in the community.

What do you do when you aren’t at Winona ORC? Lately … playing Mario Kart with my daughter.

What is your first memory of Winona ORC? Being trained in at Peerless Chain, I believe it was the first site I was trained at.

Why do you support Winona ORC? I enjoy working with our employees and giving them opportunities they may not have at other places.

Team Member Tuesday – Savannah

Name: Savannah

Department: Community Based Services

Title: Job Coach Lead

Began working: June 2018

What’s the best thing to happen to you since you started working at Winona ORC? Developing meaningful relationships with and forming connections with our amazing employees!

Tell me about some of the people you’ve met at Winona ORC: There hasn’t been a person who I haven’t enjoyed getting to work with. Everyone has off days, but the good days are amazing. The employees often tell you how much you mean to them.

What is your favorite thing about working at Winona ORC? Meeting and working with some amazing individuals and getting the opportunity to watch them thrive in the community and become more involved in places they like to work.

What do you wish other people knew about Winona ORC? All of the various opportunities that we offer in our building, as well as in the community.

What do you think will change in the next five years at Winona ORC? I hope that we will assist more individuals in finding their way to enjoyable employment and continue to improve the services we offer.

What do you do when you aren’t at Winona ORC? I like to read, play cards with my grandparents; in summer, I like to garden, go hiking/canoeing, play board games, spending time with my dog, sing in the church choir, spend time with family and friends.

What is your first memory of Winona ORC? My uncle, Terry, who is an employee here getting really excited, capping, and smiling really big when I told him I got hired here. He was always telling me I’d make a good Job Coach and that I should work here.

Why do you support Winona ORC? To help others gain meaningful employment in the community and allow them to feel like productive members of the community!

Winona ORC COVID-19 Notice

Winona ORC Industries, Inc.  Covid-19 Pandemic Response Action and Prevention Plan


This Action and Prevention Plan details procedures to prevent and minimize hazards to human health as it relates to the Covid-19 Pandemic. This document is prepared to describe implementation of precautionary and response measures to safely and effectively execute work by Winona ORC Industries, Inc. (WORC) employees and clients.

This Plan will be a living document, to be updated as often as new information regarding the Pandemic is released. This Plan attempts to capture specific actions, prevention plans, and procedures to address emergencies resulting from Covid-19. The provisions of the Plan will be implemented on-site and emergency action will be taken during any event that may threaten human health at WORC facility or any of the community sites where WORC staff and/or clients (employees) are employed.

WORC will monitor implementation of the COVID-19 Preparedness Plan and revise the plan when a need for revision is identified.

This COVID-19 Preparedness Plan will be posted on the WORC website and made readily accessible to staff and persons receiving services.

A copy of this COVID-19 Preparedness Plan will be available to each person receiving services, their legal representative, if any, and their case manager.

This COVID-19 Preparedness Plan will be available to the Minnesota DHS Commissioner upon request. This Action and Prevention Plan supplements the existing WORC Safety Policy.

Individuals will be allowed entry to WORC building, vehicles, and community sites according to the following guidelines.


WORC facility and vehicles will remain closed to all non-essential visitors and volunteers. All visitors and volunteers must report to the front office. Items that need to be dropped off for a client can be left at the front office. People arriving to pick up clients must call the main number or ring the doorbell to inform staff they have come to pick someone up.  They will not be allowed in the building.

During a Peacetime Emergency as Declared by the Governor of Minnesota

Pursuant to Emergency Executive Order 20-55, “at-risk persons are strongly urged to stay at home or in their place of residence except to engage in necessary activities for health and wellbeing…” At-risk persons are defined in paragraph 2 of the Order as follows: Consistent with guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”), “at- risk persons” include people who are:

  1. 65 years and older.
  2. Living in a nursing home or a long-term care facility, as defined by the Commissioner of Health.
  3. Any age with underlying medical conditions, particularly if not well controlled, including:
    • People with chronic lung disease or moderate to severe asthma.
    • People who have serious heart conditions.
    • People who are immunocompromised (caused by cancer treatment, smoking, bone marrow or organ transplantation, immune deficiencies, poorly controlled HIV or AIDS, or prolonged use of corticosteroids and other immune weakening medications).
    • People with severe obesity (body mass index (BMI) of 40 or higher).
    • People with diabetes.
    • People with chronic kidney disease undergoing dialysis.
    • People with liver disease.

Individuals’ Rights

The Minnesota DHS Commissioner is temporarily modifying Minnesota Statutes, section 245D.04, subdivision 2 pertaining to a person’s service-related rights by adding a new clause: A person’s service-related rights include the right to: . . .

(10) make an informed choice about whether to receive day services in the licensed facility/community or to “stay-at-home” and receive no day services or receive services remotely during the peacetime emergency to minimize their exposure to COVID-19. This right exists even if the person does not meet the definition of an “at-risk person” under Emergency Executive Order 20-55, paragraph 2.

Date WORC Will Resume Services 

WORC will resume services at such date when all revised guidelines set forth by the Commissioner dated June 1, 2020 can be implemented and WORC clients can be served in a safe manner. These modifications to WORC services include:

  • Services provided in the facility will only be provided to persons who live in their own home or who live with family members in non-congregate licensed or unlicensed settings.
  • Pursuant to Emergency Executive Orders 20-55 and 20-63, the Minnesota DHS Commissioner is requiring license holders of a day services facility license under Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 245D, to adhere to Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines on COVID-19. This is an ongoing requirement, as the guidance will evolve during the pandemic. DHS will communicate current guidance and any updated guidance to providers via email and on the DHS website.
  • If a person receiving services or a staff person tests positive for COVID-19 or has symptoms of COVID-19, the license holder must follow the MDH and CDC guidelines specific to the situation and program capabilities.
  • This Response Action and Prevention Plan meets the requirement that license holders of day services for adults with disabilities must establish and implement a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan as set forth in Emergency Executive Order 20-63, paragraph 7.e. The plan must provide for the business’s implementation of Minnesota OSHA Standards and MDH and CDC Guidelines in their workplaces. These requirements are set forth in guidance published by DEED and DLI available on DEED’s website (

Remote Services for Individuals

A separate plan regarding WORC’s plan to provide remote services will be written and distributed when those services are developed and become available.

Staff Training

All WORC staff and employees will be trained on the COVID-19 Pandemic Response Action and Prevention Plan during orientation and as needed thereafter.

Health and Safety Modifications

According to the temporarily modified Minnesota Statutes, section 245D.29 , WORC will adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All employees and clients (or residential providers) shall provide notice of any individual who develops symptoms or are confirmed for Covid-19 for up to 7 days following their visit to WORC. If individuals are determined to have been potentially contagious while at the WORC site, protocol for confirmed cases will be followed as laid out in this document.
  • All community sites at which WORC provides services shall provide notice of any employee or customer who develops symptoms or are confirmed for Covid-19 for up to 7 days following their visit to the community site. If individuals are determined to have been potentially contagious while at the community site, protocol for confirmed cases will be followed as laid out in this document.
  • Any individual who exhibits COVID-19 symptoms while in the WORC building will be isolated with staff supervision in the identified isolation room (staff breakroom) in the WORC facility. Arrangements will be made by WORC staff immediately upon noticing symptoms to have the individual transported home or to another predetermined, safe location away from the WORC facility.
  • WORC will communicate with legal representatives, case managers, and residential providers when service recipients have been potentially exposed.
  • Face coverings shall be required for all individuals who enter the WORC facility and for the duration of community employment and transportation. The following mask types will be allowed:
    • N95 respirator without exhaust valve
    • Cloth or medical masks
    • Employer supplied face covering (if applicable and available)
    • Employee supplied face covering approved by the Employer in the event other mask types listed are not available due to shortages

Site Entry & Work Location Screening

Prior to obtaining access to the WORC facility or vehicles, all employees and clients shall:

  • Check in at the WORC main facility with the designated staff providing Covid-19 Screening or
  • Check in with the vehicle driver BEFORE entering the WORC vehicle, and
  • Sanitize hands, and
  • Complete Access Questionnaire, which includes a body temperature check (see Exhibit A), and
  • Personnel with symptoms matching those with Covid-19 will not be granted access to the WORC facility and/or vehicles.

Physical plant and space requirements

  • A 6-foot minimum distance shall be maintained between all individuals while onsite.
  • A maximum of 10 individuals in each individual area within the facility will be maintained. To minimize cross-contamination between areas, individuals will be assigned to a specific area for the day and should remain in that area, with the exception of using the restroom and their “safe spot.” Individuals will not be allowed to walk throughout the building.
  • A maximum of 50 individuals including both clients and staff will be allowed in the main facility at one time.
  • WORC will schedule all client services to be delivered in shifts, with a maximum duration of three hours throughout the day for each person receiving services. The staff providing the services must document the start and end time of each shift in and indicate with his/her name and signature or electronic signature that he/she is the staff providing the services.
  • The schedule of staff and clients will be designed to ensure staggered activity schedules that minimize contact with others outside of assigned cohorts.
  • Every effort will be made to maintain a schedule of consistent cohorts of the same staff and persons receiving services. Cohorts will consist of 10 or fewer people, including staff. Cohorts must be maintained throughout the program day, including meal times, and should also be maintained during the programming week whenever possible.
  • WORC will ensure the facility is cleaned and disinfected between shifts.
  • The schedule will incorporate arrival and departure protocols for persons receiving services that include social distancing strategies and other mitigation efforts.
  • WORC will have areas specified to be occupied by each cohort of not more than 10 individuals including staff and clients. These areas will be protected from other cohorts using separate rooms, or other physical barriers.
  • Traffic flow and appropriate spacing to support social distancing will be identified using signs and floor dots of different colors to designate specific work areas throughout the WORC building.
  • All seating in the WORC building is spaced to maximize the space between persons receiving services with at least six feet between seats. Whenever possible, seating will be turned in the same direction (rather than facing each other) to reduce transmission caused from virus-containing droplets created when people talk, cough, or sneeze.
  • During meal times, staff who work directly with individuals will eat at different times and in a separate area at least 6 feet away from others.
  • Once WORC begins providing transportation, it will be provided to WORC clients using the current MnDOT guidelines on the number of individuals each vehicle can safely accommodate. Masks will be worn by all individuals while in the vehicle including clients and driver. Each vehicle will be sanitized between transportation routes following current CDC guidelines.

Work Location Procedures & Precautions

The following are the procedures and precautionary measures that will be implemented in the work location to mitigate the transmission of Covid-19 to all personnel.

  • Any individual presenting respiratory symptoms, fever, and/or meet the criteria developed by WORC to be categorized as a risk to human health, as it relates to Covid- 19, will be denied access to the WORC site and vehicles. Affected individuals will be mandated to proceed with recommended precautions and subject to a 14-day quarantine. This includes testing from the local hospital to determine if it is a positive Covid-19 case.
  • Each individual entering the WORC site, WORC vehicle, or WORC community site shall complete the screening form prior to gaining access to the WORC site, vehicle, or community site each day.
  • Staff who are required to assist individuals served with eating lunch or break will be required to eat at a different time ensuring social distancing is maintained.

Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Ventilation

All areas of the facility and WORC vehicles will be thoroughly cleaned at least daily or as often as required in other areas of this policy. All individuals will be required to participate in cleaning and sanitizing common areas.

Current cleaning, disinfecting, and ventilation guidelines as set forth by the CDC will be followed. facility.html

Reporting Procedures & Confirmed Cases

In the event of any of the following, reporting and response policies will be followed to minimize exposure and transmission of Covid-19. Notification of any of these events shall be conducted immediately.

  • A confirmed case of Covid-19 for a client, employee, or person living with a client or employee
  • An individual is denied access to a WORC vehicle, facility or community site or removed from the site for fever or symptoms associated with Covid-19
  • Notice of an individual being otherwise impacted by Covid-19

The reporting procedure is as follows:

  • All of the following WORC leadership shall be immediately notified:
    • Executive Director
    • Client Director
    • HR Director

In the event of a positively confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19:

  1. If the affected person is offsite, the affected person will be instructed to stay home and will not be allowed onsite.
  2. If the affected person had been onsite in the last 48 hours, protocols below for “onsite affected person” will also be implemented.
    • The affected person will immediately be removed from the site premises
    • The Executive Director, another member of leadership, or case manager will gain an understanding of potential locations and individuals the affected person had been in contact through a phone conversation with the individual or the individual’s residential provider/guardian.
  • After an orderly and safe shutdown of the WORC affected area, the site will be locked down while it is determined what areas may have been impacted and who may have been exposed. WORC Executive Director and leadership team will lead this investigation and decision-making process.
  • After the investigation has been completed, individuals determined to not have been affected can continue working onsite so long as it does not impact sanitizing efforts, there are adequate staff to meet client/staff ratios, and it is approved by WORC leadership.
  • All affected or potentially affected areas will be thoroughly wiped with an approved bleach/water (1:10 ratio) solution or other CDC approved sanitation solution. Additionally, the affected area/site/vehicle will be locked down and not entered for a period of 7 calendar days.
  1. Confirmed and suspected cases may attempt to return to the WORC or community site with the following criteria:
    • No fever within 72 hours (without the use of fever reducing medication), and
    • At least 7 days have passed since symptoms first appeared.
    • A Covid-19 test proves negative.
  1. The following criteria will be used to individually evaluate workplace safety:
    • If a staff or client has indirect contact with someone or is living with someone who tests positive for Covid-19, current guidance states you should self- quarantine for 14 days.
    • If an employee or customer of a community site tests positive, all clients and staff will be immediately removed from the site. Return to the site will be determined on an individual basis.

Best Practices Being Continuously Implemented at WORC

  1. Encourage sick employees and clients to stay home: Anyone with symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath) should notify their supervisor and stay home.
  2. Social Distancing: Avoid congregating, large gatherings, and always maintain a minimum distance of approximately 6 feet from others.
  3. Meetings: Large mass meetings will continue to be held through Zoom or another virtual meeting provider.
  4. Shared Computers: Computers should be sanitized before and after each use.
  5. Lunch/Break: All individuals must maintain a distance of 6 feet from other individuals while eating lunch or taking breaks.
  6. Hygiene: The following processes will be implemented at WORC:
    • Common areas will be cleaned and sanitized daily.
    • Workers responsible for trash removal will maintain proper PPE/hand washing practices.
    • Hand wash stations will be maintained with soap, hand sanitizer, and paper towels.
    • All individuals on site will be expected to participate in extra cleanings for frequently touched surfaces (light switches, tables, chairs, door handles, etc.)
  7. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
    • Do not share PPE.
    • Sanitize reusable PPE per manufacturer’s recommendation before and after each use.
    • Ensure used PPE is disposed of properly.