Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Winona ORC is contracted with Vocational Rehabilitation Services to provide work adjustment training, assessments, employment skills training, internships, and placement services. This program allows staff to work one-on-one with clients to tutor them in areas such as certified nursing assistant, janitorial skills, basic food service, retail, and driver education. 


Supported Employment and Performance Based Agreements (PBA) offer assistance with clients who are seeking competitive employment.  Work Adjustment Training (WAT) offers individualized services and evaluation to clients looking to develop or re-establish work skills, attitudes, work behaviors, and functional capacities. Program hours are provided Monday through Friday during our normal business hours with services available on nights and weekends as needed on a case to case basis. The frequency of services is determined by the client, their support team, and the referral source.  All services are provided directly from Winona ORC. Services are paid for by the referral source – Rehabilitation Services. There are no fees associated to the clients in the program. 

Entry Criteria

All referrals come from Rehabilitation Services.  An employment plan is written by RS staff and the client.  Winona ORC follows the employment plan with the outcome of competitive employment.

Transition Criteria

Clients are open to transition to another program within Winona ORC. Clients must meet eligibility requirements within that program in order to be considered for entry.  Winona ORC staff will assist in making an inter-office referral.

Exit Criteria

Winona ORC is committed to providing services to the clients enrolled in the program. Client Services end upon the completion of the program or expiration of a service contract. A written discharge summary is completed and mailed to the client, the referral source, and one is placed in the client’s case file.

Service Modification

Winona ORC is committed to providing services to the clients enrolled in the program. In case of staffing reduction, Winona ORC will determine if any of the current clients will need to be placed on a waiting list or if current staffing pattern will allow the accommodation of these added clients. The Director of Client Services will make this determination based on the need that arises.

For more information contact Anne Mueller, Director of Client Services at 507-452-1855 extension 119 or amueller@winonaorc.org.