The people we serve come from a diverse population within Winona and the surrounding counties. In general, there is a dramatic underemployment of people with disabilities. Disabilities are strongly associated with an individual’s ability to find work.

Winona ORC provides services to these people to give them a chance for independence that wouldn’t be achievable otherwise.

If you want to learn more about how our organization changes people’s lives, please take a tour of our facility and meet the people we serve. You will see firsthand how Winona ORC and your contribution truly make a difference in people’s lives. The whole community benefits from having more people employed, happy, and productive.

Send in your donation today by filling out our donation form and mailing a check, or donate online! Any donation amount is welcome. Also as important are any job opportunities for our clients. We would be happy to quote any possibilities for work, including light assembly, cleaning, commercial laundry, etc. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.