Dear Employees, Support Staff of Employees and Family of Employees,

We have the utmost safety of our employees and patrons in mind and are asking your help to make this happen

With the winter weather knocking on our door and other concerns, we want to communicate with each of you our mission of safety for the employees.  As a reminder if your home is in Lewiston, St. Charles, Wilson, Witoka, Ridgeway, Rollingstone, Stockton, Garvin Heights if Winona Area Public Schools are 2 hours delayed or canceled we will not pick up riders in this area.  If WORC feel the conditions in some areas are not safe we will make the decision no less than 1 hour before the employee’s pick up time.  If you decide to bring in the employee, you will be responsible for picking up the employee from WORC and transport home.  If WORC is closing early due to declining weather we will call at least 1 hour prior to departure time from WORC.  If there is alternate houses employees are to be taken to due to staffing at the employee’s house, please inform the Vocational Case Worker/DT&H Manager.  If we are providing the services to DAC please contact Transportation/Safety Coordinator Denise Matejka.

We are asking at each of your homes that:

  • All walkways employees use to get to the bus are cleared of snow and ice
  • All wheelchair/walker employees must be escorted by house staff to and from the house
  • If areas are not cleared and the driver feels that it is unsafe to load and unload the employees, ORC will call the house to ask for assistance from house staff to load and unload employees off the bus.
  • If employee lives independently in a home or apartment and the areas are not cleared, we may refuse to pick up employee due to the safety of the employee being injured.
  • Buses have a 5 minute wait period for employees at each of the houses. In order to have employees to their designated areas we need to make sure employees are ready prior to bus arriving.  With roads declining in weather it is especially important we are not waiting and making other employees late getting to work and home from work.
  • To help with employees who need to have a staff wave or staff come out to assist with clients, WORC transportation will honk upon arrival incase house staff is not near a window to see the bus.  If staff does not wave or come out to assist, WORC will call to the house to inform.
  • For people who are using the lift, whether they are in a walker or wheelchair, they must be able to ride the lift alone. The driver’s nor staff from the house can ride the lift with employees.  If there becomes an issue of safety of employee’s riding the lift, the driver’s will inform Vocational Case Worker/ DT& H Manager.  If we are providing services to DAC the driver will inform Transportation/Safety Coordinator Denise Matejka.  The designated person will contact house staff of the concerns to trouble shoot how to ensure the safety of the employee.
  • If your employee needs to start using the lift due to physical issues, it must be confirmed with Transportation/Safety Coordinator before employee can use.
  • Due to increased amount of walkers and canes and people’s ability to maneuver in the bus, there may be seating arrangements for employees for their safety.
  • To make sure there is not bottles or wrappers or other tripping hazards there is no eating or drinking on the buses. The only thing that will be allowed is 1 water bottle that has a cap or closed.  Water bottles must be inside of backpack or in a jacket so hands are free to use hand rails.  Water bottles attached to backpacks are not allowed due to hitting other people while moving backpack.
  • Employees are only allowed one bag, that zips shut or can be tied shut on the bus due to space and objects that could become tripping hazards or flying objects. If employee’s are being picked up and taken for groceries or other personal needs during the work time, these will be need to be picked up by house staff or taken by the provider who took them.
  • Please contact Denise Matejka at 452-1855 ext:111, if you would like to be on the call list if Winona Area Public schools is closed or 2 hour delay due to weather and we will not be picking up the employee. We understand not everyone will get the information of school closings and we are more than happy to have you on the call list.

WORC takes pride in our mission of ensuring the safety of all clients we transport.  We want all clients to feel safe while in our care on our transportation.  To ensure this we need your help and communication to continue our mission of safety.


Heidi Smith                                                                 Denise Matejka

Executive Director                                                      Transportation/Safety Coordinator