Winona ORC is the community leader in providing job opportunities for people with disabilities, helping them realize their potential.  Winona ORC provides job related services to people with barriers to employment in Southeast Minnesota.


Provide services for people with disabilities in our community, including: vocational counseling, comprehensive job-related skill training and meaningful employment.


Every person with disabilities – physical, mental, or learning – is living their full potential through meaningful work, community interactions, family and friendships.


Winona ORC has an annual budget of $3.4 million. We have 25 full-time staff and 5 part-time staff. Currently we serve approximately 175 people with special needs on a daily basis. We partner with over 50 businesses to provide job opportunities.

Clients Served

WORC Disability Statistics 2018

  • 48% Mental Illness
  • 39% Developmental Disability
  •   8%  Physical Disability
  •   2%  Learning Disability
  •   3%  Brain Injury & Other

WORC Demographic Statistics 2018

  • 59% Male, 41% Female
  • 12% Age 19-25
  • 27% Age 26-40
  • 57% Age 41-64
  •  4% Age 65+


Winona ORC Industries has been awarded the highest CARF accreditation for its employment and community programs. Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) is the national review board for rehabilitation programs.

Funding Sources

  • 49% Sales Through Business Operations
  • 46% Government Sources
  •  5% Contributions/Fundraising


Gifts to Winona ORC are tax-deductible under Section 501(c)(3).


In the early 1970’s, a local group made up of parents, Special Education teachers, ARC, and Rehabilitation Services recognized a need to have a sheltered workshop in the Winona area.

After two years of planning, this committee approached ORC Industries of La Crosse, Wisconsin for assistance. In 1973, with the help of money from the Division of Rehabilitation Services and Winona County, a facility was leased and a satellite of ORC La Crosse was created. At this time, the organization was established as a Minnesota non-profit corporation under the direction of its own Board of Directors. The Board of Directors decided to separate from the parent corporation in La Crosse and in 1983 Winona ORC became an independent company.

Note: ORC stands for Occupational Rehabilitation Center.

Open Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm (Except holidays)

Receiving Hours 7:00 am – 2:30 pm

1053 East Mark Street

Winona, MN  55987

Phone 507-452-1855

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