Winona ORC has an ongoing commitment to ensure that its affairs are conducted in accordance with applicable law and sound ethical business practices. The Winona ORC Board, employees, and other affiliates shall be informed of applicable laws and regulations to which the organization is obliged so that they do not inadvertently engage in conduct that may raise compliance issues. Winona ORC recognizes that its business relationships with contractors, other providers, vendors, clients, and other affiliates are subject to legal requirements and accountability standards. 

Questions about the legality or propriety of any actions undertaken by or on behalf of Winona ORC should be referred to the Winona ORC Compliance Officer.

To report issues or discrepancies contact:

Corporate Compliance Officer
Winona ORC
1053 East Mark Street
Winona, MN  55987
507.452.1855 ext. 122

or reports can be made anonymously:

Compliance voicemail

507.452.1855 ext. 122